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SHD2014 Surveillance Camera

Camera Parameters & Specifications

1. Automatic identification of various control protocols, baud rate of 485

2. 12 third-generation infrared lightbulbs, infrared face recognition up to distance of 80 metres, IR effective distance of 140 metres.

3. 7-inch double-layered aluminum alloy housing, high resistance to UV, water, acid rain, ageing, corrosion and high temperatures

4. Unique ventilation design employed in cooling device

5. 8 preset surveillance routes, automatic scan, fixed-location scanning, power memory function

6. Continuous 360° pan rotation, Pan speed at 0.1-40°/second

7. Tilt rotation up to 90°, Tilt speed at 0.1°-20°/second

8. 256 preset positions, 255 address codes


Baud Rate 1200bps 2400bps 4800bps 9600bps
Ability to return to default position Automatic; Can be configured according to customer's preferred timing
Positions of infrared lightbulbs in Camera Can be configured
Surveillance Preset Points 8 Categories (Each category consists of 32 preset points, total 256 preset points)
Two-Points Recording Range Can be configured
Recording Speed 20°/second
User's ability to tailor and caliberate default camera position Supported
Automatic matching of speed and focal length Focal length proportional to speed
Surveillance Position Can be configured
Holding Time At Position 1 Minute
Power DC12V 4A (Range: DC12V--14V)
Operating Temperature Indoors (0 °C- 40°C), Outdoors (-40°C- 60°C)
Device Cooling Method In-built cooling fan/ heating pad
Shell Material Aluminium Alloy Shell, Water-Proof Grade IP66
Weight 7.2KG